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Customer Case Study – Argos U.S.A.

Argos U.S.A., has a proud history of innovative products, unparalleled expertise and exceptional customer service which has solidified their position as an industry leader in residential, commerical, infrastructure and other public works applications requiring slag cement.

In order to earn and maintain their position as an integral partner to their customers, they needed to employ a material handling solution which could not only “Handle The Load” – but also, sustain the high up-time demand required for an operation which keeps an international and 7 US state organization moving at the speed of now!

After many challenges in their non-Toyota fleet units, Argos U.S.A. turned to their TRUSTED PARTNERS at Southern States Toyotalift for guidance and insight on how to best select a forklift for their fleet that would meet their needs of frequent heavy loads and specific loading specifications. By selecting the 8FDU30, a diesel truck which has the unique competitive advantage of operating WITHOUT REGEN DOWNTIME and WITHOUT COSTLY PARTICULATE FILTERS – Argos U.S.A., not only found a truck which met their application requirements – they immediately INCREASED OPERATIONAL UPTIME. This resulted in an increase in productivity of more than 100 hours per year! Once again, the dependability and low cost of ownership Toyota provides, as well as the partnership displayed made it apparent that the material handling experts at SST/FLS were THE RIGHT CHOICE.


#1 For A Reason – No diesel regen downtime. No costly particulate filters. Safety: Toyota’s exclusive System of Active Stability (SAS), Active Mast Controller System Lowest Cost of Ownership: Increased Uptime. Increased Productivity. Increased Profitability.

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