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Control and Limit Workers
Compensation Costs

Are You At Risk?

Many employers look at the costs of workers compensation insurance as an unavoidable expense over which they have little or no control. However, experience shows that worker compensation costs will respond to dedicated efforts to keep them in tow.

Steps to Control Workers’ Compensation Costs:

1. Identify applicants to your company that may pose a higher than
average behavior or accident risk potential.

2. Conduct thorough background checks before hiring.

3. Have permanent programs in place to train employees on safe
working behavior.

4. Remind employees to practice safety procedures by displaying safety posters in employee-only areas.

5. Search out workplace hazards that have caused or may cause injury or illness.

6. Classify job descriptions and titles correctly.

7. Establish a safety committee made up of at least one employee and yourself.

8. Provide prompt medical attention in the event of an injury to
minimize possible complications from delayed care.

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