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Carpet Extractors

Tennant has engineered dependable carpet extractors and upholstery cleaners for every environment — from hand-held, portable spot extractors to ride-on dual technology extractors that perform interim and deep cleaning. In addition to manufacturing top-tier carpet extractors and pioneering cleaning innovations, Tennant is your trusted partner for parts, supplies and service. 

EX-SPOT-2 Portable Spot Extractor
EX-SPOT-2Portable Spot Extractor
Pick up spots before they become stains with Tennant’s smallest available, 2-gallon canister extractor.

EH1 / EC2 / EH2 / EH5 Canister Extractors
EH1 / EC2 / EH2 / EH5Canister Extractors
Features onboard cord, wand, hose and bottle management systems. Units come with heated or cool water and water pressure of 100, 200 or 500 psi.

R3 Compact Rapid Drying Carpet Extractor
R3Compact Rapid Drying Carpet Extractor
Walk-behind, deep extraction unit performs interim cleaning in tight spaces and uses ReadySpace® technology so carpets dry quickly.

E5 Compact Low-Profile Carpet Extractor
E5Compact Low-Profile Carpet Extractor
Cleans small, hard-to-reach spaces with a compact maneuverable design and easily adjusts to different carpet depths.

EX-SC-412 Compact Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor
EX-SC-412Compact Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor
A compact, low-profile carpet cleaner with durable construction and a lightweight design.

EX-SC-716 Self-Contained Deep Cleaning Extractor
EX-SC-716Self-Contained Deep Cleaning Extractor
Slightly larger than the EX-SC-412, this extractor has durable construction and a lightweight design for cleaning small areas.

EX-CAN-10 Deep Cleaning Extractor
EX-CAN-10Deep Cleaning Extractor
Affordable and portable carpet cleaning extractor with clamshell design for easy emptying and filling.

EX-SC-1020 Mid-Size Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor
EX-SC-1020Mid-Size Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor
A pull-back extractor that is slightly larger than the EX-SC-716 for more efficient carpet cleaning.

EX-SC-1020P Mid-Size Push Carpet Extractor
EX-SC-1020PMid-Size Push Carpet Extractor
This forward-push extractor removes tough soil while protecting carpet and lets operators clean more efficiently than with “pull back” extractors.

1510 / 1530 Dual Mode Carpet Extractors
1510 / 1530Dual Mode Carpet Extractors
Deep cleans or interim cleans medium to large rooms. Has a large solution tank and one-button operation; choose corded or battery power.

1610 ReadySpace Dual Mode Extractor
1610ReadySpace Dual Mode Extractor
Performs interim carpet cleaning with fast-drying ReadySpace®, or removes deeply embedded dirt during periodic deep extraction cleaning.

R14 Dual Technology Rider Carpet Extractor
R14Dual Technology Rider Carpet Extractor
A ride-on machine that uses ReadySpace® for interim cleaning and performs periodic deep extraction cleaning across large convention centers and airports.