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Whatever your cleaning needs, Tennant offers a variety of equipment to help you increase your cleaning productivity


Floor Scrubbers use water and NanoClean®Technology to remove debris from floor surfaces. Choose from walk-behind and rider scrubber equipment, disc or cylindrical brushes, and swap out heads for your unique job. Learn about unique Tennant technologies that help you reduce chemical and water use.


Floor Sweepers use brushes and a vacuum system to pick up and remove dry debris from floor surfaces. Whether you are cleaning compact or large floor areas, Tennant offers walk-behind and rider sweeper equipment, corded, manual or battery-powered, and a variety of brush sizes and options to fit your needs. Learn about patented Tennant technologies that help you maximize efficiency while controlling dust.


Sweeper-Scrubbers use water/detergent and vacuum systems to thoroughly sweep & scrub floor surfaces with regular debris. Tennant offers battery-powered riding sweeper-scrubber machines available with innovative technologies to effectively clean large indoor/outdoor industrial spaces in one pass.

Carpet Extractors

Carpet Extractors use hot or cold water to break down dirt deep in carpet fibers and extract it, removing surface stains and odors. Tennant offers portable extractors for spot cleaning, walk-behind and rider, in pull back and forward push designs, bringing you maximum flexibility to clean in large or small spaces. 

Burnishers/Floor Machines

Burnishers and Single Disc Floor Machines scrub, polish and strip almost any floor. Tennant’s walk-behind and rider equipment is available corded or battery-powered and in a variety of speeds and down pressure based on your unique need.


Commercial Vacuums remove loose dirt, dust and soil from carpets. Tennant offers a complete line of upright, backpack and canister vacuums. Count on Tennant vacuums equipment for durability and versatility for application in almost any environment with heavy-duty, lightweight, single motor, dual motor, wet-dry, and wide-area vacuum options available.​​​​​​​​

Specialty Cleaning Equipment

Conveniently clean almost anywhere with Tennant’s specialty cleaning machines. Tennant Company has solutions for any specialty cleaning needs you might have, from industrial blower fans and all surface cleaning machines to On-Site Generation (OSG) by Orbio Technologies. Count on Tennant specialty cleaning equipment for durability for applications on floors, counters, walls and almost any surface.

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