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Handy-Mag Utility Box

Handy-Mag Utility Box

Use this multi-purpose utility box to carry pens, box cutters, markers, scissors, tools and more. The Handy-Mag Utility Box can also be used as a drink holder on a forklift or on any powered industrial truck. The box can hold and fit a bottle of water, canned drink or coffee cup securely. Includes (1) 100 lbs test magnet that can be attached to the bottom or side of the box (optional second magnet available). Use the magnet to place your utility box on any metal surface for easy access and convenience.

The  features:
1. Durable nylon construction.
2. Holds various sizes of tools and drinks.
3. Measures 4” x 3.5” x 5.25”H @ 2 lbs.
4. (1) 100 lbs test strength magnet

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